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Character Interview

Posted on 2007.08.02 at 16:50
I don't normally hop on the meme bandwagon, but I saw this one on spadescomic and I couldn't resist!

1. Choose up to five of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.

(There are some very minor spoilers included, I suppose, but nothing to get all worked up about. This is just for fun. ;-) )

A. How old are you?

Aria: “25. Oh, wait, you probably wanted Earth years, right? 29, then.”
Darvin: “Haha! Can I be 29 too?”
Fusella: “Darvin and I are both 33, but I’m more mature.”
Zandarin: “I’m 30. But I was 29 six months ago.”
Scavina: “(sigh) I’m 51.”

B: Height?

Aria: “Um, five-foot-nine, I think?”
Darvin: “And what’s that in real units?”
Zan: “About 1.75m. Me, I’m 1.8361m.”
Scavina: “1.85m.”
Fusella: “You’re all a bunch of giants. 1.67m is a perfectly acceptable height.”
Darvin: “Who said it wasn’t?”

C. Got any bad habits?

Aria: “You don’t really want me to name them all, do you?”
Fusella: “Oh for crying out loud, what bad habit can you possibly have? That nasty tendency to give yourself more than five minutes in a whole work cycle to sit down and relax?”
Aria: “Well-- I have a very long to-do list, and it never seems to get any shorter!”
Zan: “For some reason some people seem to think having a lot of different interests is a bad habit of mine.”
Darvin: “Only when you try to work on them all at the same time. Is accurately pointing out all the faults in my friends a bad habit? It’ll take me a while to list all of Fu’s, though.”
Fusella: “Now’s probably a good time to point out that nasty, violent temper of mine, Darvin.”
Darvin: “And your underdeveloped sense of humour.”
Fusella: “Zan, hit him.”
(Darvin and Zan look at each other)
D&Z: “Too bossy!” (They burst out laughing)
Scavina: “…I’m too patient with my staff.”

D. You a virgin?

Fusella: “What are you, twelve? What kind of question is that??”
Scavina: “I think you can just take it as read that we are all adults here, and leave it at that.”
Darvin: “Right.”
Aria: “Right.”
Zan: “Uh… right.”

E. Who is your mate/spouse?

Zan: “Don’t have either of those.”
Aria: “I’m not married.”
Fusella: “Who has time for marriage?”
Darvin: “She’s married to her ship.”
Fusella: “That’s me, Mrs. Galaxion.”
Scavina: “Jeff Nelson.”

F. Have any kids?

Aria: “No.”
Zan: “No.”
Fusella: “Pfft! No.”
Darvin: “No.”
Scavina: “Yes, a daughter.”

G. Favourite food?

Fusella: “Double chocolate ice cream, please. With fudge sauce.”
Aria: “Anything chocolate! We’ve got nothing else like it back home.”
Darvin: “Who can pick just one? There’s a lot of excellent food out there. None of it aboard ship, of course.”
Zan: “Ummm… I had jellyfish salad the other day before we left the station, and it was really good.”
Fusella: “Ew.”
Darvin: “?? I thought you were going to say coconut-flavoured popcorn. Last week you were going through bowls of that awful stuff like it was going out of style.”
Zan: “Hey, you’re right. I guess it did— now I’ve moved on to jellyfish.”
Aria: “Can I second that ‘Ew’?”
Scavina: “Strawberries right from the garden. With whipped cream.”

H. Killed anyone?

Fusella: “I’m not in jail, am I?”
Aria: “No!”
Scavina: “In my line of work people die sometimes, and I… suppose one could argue that I was responsible when a rescue wasn’t successful… Beyond that, no.”
Zan: “No…”
Darvin: “I’m pretty sure I’m the one to blame for the premature death of Fusella’s goldfish, back in the Academy.”
Fusella: “And that was the last time I ever asked you to look after a pet.”
Darvin: “In my defense, though, I warned you right up front that animals and me don’t get along.”

I. Hate anyone?

Zan: “You mean like an arch rival? Do I have one of those? That would be cool…”
Aria: “No. Well, my sister, sometimes. But not lately.”
Scavina: “I did for a while. I got over it.”
Fusella: “Erm… it would be safer to say that there are many people at whom I am, from time to time, severely pissed off.”
Darvin: “And I have no doubt I’m included on that list.”
Fusella: “(sweetly) You, Darvin, have your very own column.”
Zan: “Maybe I can ask Mal to be my arch rival.”

J. Any secrets?

Fusella: “Are you expecting me to spill ‘em? Not likely!”
Aria: “I… guess everyone has secrets, right?”
Scavina: “Of course.”
Zan: “A-heh…you know what Darvin said about him and animals? That’s like me and secrets. Don’t even bother, y’know?”
Darvin: “Oh dear, is that the time, gotta run…”

K. Love anyone?

Zan: “What? Uh… no.”
Scavina: “My family.”
Aria: “Don’t look at me like that, Fusella. No.”
Fusella: “I love my crew. They’re all very dear to me. Like family.”
Darvin: “Why, thank you, the feeling’s mutual.”
Fusella: “Where did you get the idea that you’re part of my crew?”
Aria: “Is it just me, or did Darvin get through this entire interview answering almost none of the questions?”
Darvin: “It’s a gift.”


Dave III
dave_iii at 2007-08-03 00:27 (UTC) (Link)
I love it. You just shaved months off of character development right there. That kind of thing would be great as a Director's Cut extra for the trade edition, especially if you drew them with all their body language an' stuff.

I even learned something: Scavina does not consider herself part of "The Crowd". Reading the comic I thought it was just her rank and the situation that kept her from having actual person to person conversations (I remember a certain spoiler detail from the comics, but that was being a good administrator, not a sociable). Here, with all that stripped away, we see her as someone apart, perhaps even slightly intimidated by the camaraderie the others share.
ttallan at 2007-08-03 22:09 (UTC) (Link)
Well, bearing in mind that we probably shouldn't read too much into this ;-), it's certainly correct to say that Scavina doesn't socialize with her crew the same way Fusella does. And I think it would be awkward for nearly anyone, to be a fifth wheel to the Fusella-Aria-Darvin-Zandarin group like this.

It would also have been interesting to pretend this same "interview" was done one-on-one with these characters, instead of in a group-- the answers would probably have been quite different, in some cases, and possibly more illuminating. But it was just more fun to write this way. :-)
dewline at 2010-12-07 13:39 (UTC) (Link)
Having just been reminded of this entry's existence...it would indeed.

Remembering those "Interview" episodes of M*A*S*H...
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