ttallan (ttallan) wrote,

Responsible creators recycle their characters

New Galaxion page! [I'm posting this early: the link won't show the new page until sometime after midnight, or whenever it officially becomes Tuesday by the GAM clocks!]

Also, I forgot to blog about the new page on Friday, so if you missed that one, start here.

Just like with Chief Engineer Anna Ito, some more minor characters are getting a makeover in this scene. Which minor characters, you ask?

These guys! You might remember them from such Galaxion back issues as #5, pp.11-12, or the Galaxion Graphic Novel, pp.113-114. They never appeared again. They were always meant to be recurring characters, but I never got far enough in the story to develop them further. They never even got names. As I recall, my original inspiration for them was The Lone Gunmen from The X-Files-- a trio of people so weird and obsessed that they make the other weird and obsessed folk aboard the Galaxion look normal. Anyway, here they are again in this new scene, looking slightly different, telling the same joke, but hopefully with a little more personality.
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