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christmas tara

New Galaxion! And a bit about Darvin.

Posted on 2008.01.14 at 17:38
It's my favourite day of the week! Go check out the new page.

In Scott Pilgrim, a series of graphic novels which everyone must read, there is a character who is described as "Knows everyone, including you." Darvin is a little like that. I have a couple of friends like that, too-- the problem with hanging out with them is you can't walk ten metres without having to stop to chat with someone that they know and haven't seen in a dog's age. You can be in a completely different city and you mention their name and you'll hear, oh yeah, I know that guy! It's a little disturbing, actually. (In fact, if my friends list here on LiveJournal were a little bigger, I'm quite sure if I said to you all, "Jeff Burke, black guy, plays bassoon", at least one person that I wasn't aware of before would shout out, "Oh yeah, I know him!")

Anyway. Darvin is one of these sorts of people who not only seems to know everyone, but knows everything about them, too. But not in a "Big Brother is watching you" kind of way, more like he remembers not only your name but also the names of all your kids and your dog and what you do for a living and he even asks after your great aunt's health after her nasty fall on the ice. How does he do it? I certainly don't know, I can barely remember the names of the people I see every day, let alone the details of their precious little lives. (A-heh. Go read Scott Pilgrim!)

One of the things that made me sad about ending the "floppy" version of Galaxion when it did was that I didn't get much opportunity to focus on Darvin. (Issue #12 was going to have Darvin in it again, since it took place back up on the ship, but I never quite got beyond penciling the first page of it.) So I'm very happy that in this current chapter we get rather a lot of him. Yay for starting over?

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