ttallan (ttallan) wrote,

New Galaxion!

New page!

I've also included the answers to the Halloween costume puzzler, for those of you who were stumped.

Bleah. We are a house of illness, if you will forgive me stepping into whiny mode for a minute. My 4yr old daughter was in and out of the E.R. on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning with either her first asthma attack or a mild case of pneumonia (it's a wait-and-see, but given how quickly she responded to the antibiotics as opposed to just the puffers I'm guessing the latter). Which made our attempts to follow the election returns and watch the speeches a little more, uh, "thrilling" than we would have preferred. She's much improved, but now we all seem to have come down with colds and/or sore throats. Well, everyone being me and the two kids-- so far David is symptom-free. I just hope we can all get back up to full speed before I run out of Galaxion buffer!
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