ttallan (ttallan) wrote,
Sorry for not posting last week, but I think I used up all my reserves of sociability on an interview for a TV show called The Circuit*. There's only so much an introvert can handle before she needs to crawl into her cave for awhile, y'know? ;-) I'll try to be better next week!

So, in case you missed it, there was a new Galaxion page last week, and there's also a new Galaxion page this week!

And on the topic of getting my introverted little self out into public, I also made an appearance at the Guildwood Library (our local branch of the Toronto Public Library system), talking to 5th and 6th graders about making comics!

Guildwood is a small branch, and there were about 60 kids who came out from a nearby Elementary school, so they really had to sit tightly packed. Considering they had to sit so uncomfortably for an hour, they were extremely well-behaved! And they had lots of questions, mostly about working for the big comic companies, which of course I have no experience with. Yeah, I remember when I thought comic creators were swimming in fame and fortune, too! But what impressed me most about these kids was how many raised their hands when I asked them if they'd ever read a comic. I know I wouldn't have gotten that many positive responses ten years ago! I know we always hear about how the comic market is slowly growing and reaching a younger audience, but for me, that is proof. And I strongly believe it is the teachers and librarians, and their ever-increasing willingness to put comics in front of kids, who we must thank for this. So: thank you!

*OK, you wanted to know about this TV thing. If you happen to get the cable channel SPACE: The Imagination Station, and I suspect you have to be in Canada to get it, you can tune in to their weekly sci-fi/media/games news show called The Circuit. I am told that this Friday's episode, 7:30pm EST, will have the segment about ebooks, which I was asked to speak about. No, I don't own a Kindle ('cause I'm in Canada), or any other sort of ebook reader, but I was asked for my opinion anyway. The interview was filmed on location at the Silver Snail. I don't know if I'll be able to work up the nerve to watch it (though I'd have to go over to a friend's house to do it, since we only get "basic" cable), because I expect I will look and sound like a doofus. :-P
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