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I declare myself to be a Pixel-Stained Technopeasant, and proud of it.

Really. I’ve been offering Galaxion for free viewing online since 1997, when we put the first issue up for all those who were interested in giving it a try (we stopped maintaining the site when we stopped making the comic in 2000 so it isn’t there anymore, in case you plan to go looking for it). It was an excellent strategy, too—we heard from many people who bought issues or the graphic novel after reading the free sample.

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day may have begun as a protest against one person’s rant, but that’s not why I’m taking part. For me, being able to publish Galaxion online and, in effect, give my stuff away for free, has been both a joy and a good business plan. I love being able to tell my story, and knowing that others are reading it and enjoying it is a wonderful incentive to produce more. I would encourage all storytellers who are wondering how to make a start at publishing comics to give it a try. So in recognition of a medium that I have gotten so much enjoyment out of-- as a reader as well as a creator— and to honour PSTPs everywhere, I am proud to present the short story (prose, not comics) Family Matters.

This was originally published in The Bakka Anthology, which was in turn published to celebrate Bakka Bookstore’s 30th anniversary. Now known as Bakka-Phoenix, the Toronto-based science fiction specialty shop is now in its 35th year, a very repectable age indeed for an independent bookstore.

The Bakka Anthology collected original fiction from various Canadian Fantasy and Science Fiction authors who had worked at the store over the years, and one of them was, incidentally, famed Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Cory Doctorow, who has been making his award-winning and highly recommended fiction available online for free for years now. The Anthology was a limited print run and sold out in pretty short order, so this story of mine has been effectively out of print for quite a while.

You can read Family Matters (which clocks in at about 9,700 words, pdf format) for yourself, for free. It’s not really Galaxion related, but it wouldn’t be too wrong to say it’s set in more or less the same universe!

Happy reading, and happy IPSTPD!
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